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The School of Education at the University at Albany recognizes the struggles parents may be having with both coping with the coronavirus and being faced with temporarily homeschooling their child(ren). Below, we have resources that hopefully will assist parents during these trying times.

We are constantly adding to this page, so please check back often.

  • Community Conversations - When Home Becomes a School: Ideas for Families 4/8/20 Panel presentation and discussion of ideas and practices to support children emotionally, physically, and intellectually while at home. Panelists included parents, educators, and home school advocates.
  • The Homeschool Mom - Resources for When Schools are Closed Down:
    This blog provides links to practical advice on what to do and how to homeschool when schools are temporarily closed. Helpful resources for school closures.
  • How to Homeschool for Free:
    This parents resource offers high-quality homeschooling resources available online at no cost. Practical advice is also provided to parents on using free resources.
  • The Full List of Free Homeschool Curriculum that will Excite your Child:
    This is an excellent list of free material for the would-be homeschool parent during the coronavirus and beyond.
  • Free Homeschool Curriculum and Other Resources:
    A long list of free homeschool resources for parents. It includes most subject areas. This site also includes items for purchase to use with your child(ren).
  • Free Resources for Homeschooling in Science, Health and More:
    A wealth of free US-Government approved homeschooling resources.
  • CreatED by Crayola:
    Online destination for parent groups, parents, and educators. This is a FREE resource that includes creative, arts-based lesson plans linked to curriculum standards, DIY art projects for students, "How To" animated videos for students and parents, and much more.
  • Learning Heroes Roadmap: You want to keep your child on track while school is closed. Here’s your Learning Hero Roadmap to help with math, reading, life skills and more.
  • Best Practices from Homeschooling Parents:  A webinar where homeschooling parents share effective methods to create an engaging home learning environment for their children. The free webinar provides practices that parents can implement directly and explore ways that teachers and administrators can assist parents' efforts to support students' continued learning and social emotional development.

For educational resources, please visit the “Resources by Grade” and “Resources by Subject” links in the Quick Links menu.

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