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Other Resources

Here are some other resources you may find helpful! Click on a heading to expand the section and view the resources.

  • Byju’s
    Learning application with large repositories of educational content tailored for different grades and learning levels.
  • Discovery Education
    Free educational resources and lessons about viruses and outbreaks for different grade levels.
  • KitKit School
    Tablet-based learning suite with a comprehensive curriculum spanning early childhood through early primary levels.
  • LabXchange
    Curated and user-created digital learning content delivered on an online platform that enables educational and research experiences.
  • Mindspark
    Adaptive online tutoring system that helps students practice and learn mathematics.
  • OneCourse
    Child-focused application to deliver reading, writing and numeracy education.
  • Quizlet   Learning flashcards and games to support learning in multiple subjects.
  • Make a Mood Meter:  Children spend a lot of time learning how to work in groups, whether that means doing projects, participating during circle time, or playing outdoors together. This goes great when everyone is feeling happy, but it's also important to teach kids how to recognize when they are upset and when others are upset. In this social emotional learning activity, children will be guided to create their own mood meter that will allow them to check in with how they are feeling. The goal is to be able to track and manage their emotions, rather than letting their emotions manage them.
  • do2learn:  Do2Learn has thousands of pages that will help students improve on social skills, behavior, and academics. The website provides many student activities, including songs, games, seasonal arts, crafts and more. There are also valuable teaching resources, including a teacher toolbox, behavior management plans, literacy tools, and special education products.
  • Grammarly:  A browser add-in tool that supports writing in multiple online applications. Grammarly currently works on Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin, and millions of other sites. We are working to support more sites in the future (Google Docs, Dropbox Paper).

  • Global Digital Library
    Digital storybooks and other reading materials easily accessible from mobile phones or computers.
  • StoryWeaver
    Digital repository of multilingual stories for children.
  • Worldreader
    Digital books and stories accessible from mobile devices and functionality to support reading instruction.

  • Dingtalk
    Communication platform that supports video conferencing, task and calendar management, attendance tracking and instant messaging.
  • Lark
    Collaboration suite of interconnected tools, including chat, calendar, creation and cloud storage.
  • Hangouts Meet
    Video calls integrated with other Google’s G-Suite tools.
  • Teams
    Chat, meet, call and collaboration features integrated with Microsoft Office software.
  • Skype
    Video and audio calls with talk, chat and collaboration features.
  • Zoom
    Cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat and webinars.

  • Animoto:  Animoto is a free classroom tool for educators, students, and administrators. Easily create and share videos with your class, with parents, and beyond. No software downloads required.
  • Thinglink
    Tools to create interactive images, videos and other multimedia resources.
  • Buncee
    Supports the creation and sharing visual representations of learning content, including media-rich lessons, reports, newsletters and presentations.
  • Kaltura
    Video management and creation tools with integration options for various learning management systems.
  • Nearpod
    Software to create lessons with informative and interactive assessment activities.
  • Pear Deck
    Facilitates the design of engaging instructional content with various integration features.
  • Squigl  Content creation platform that transforms speech or text into animated videos.

  • The New York Public Library:  The New York Public Library has research articles, photographs, and other media for students who may need to do research

  • How to Upload a Video to YouTube:
    You do not have to make your videos public. They can be private provided you indicate that the video is unlisted. YouTube viewers can choose closed captioning with fairly good accuracy which will make the video ADA compliant. Click here to watch!
  • How to Create YouTube Channels to Organize Your Videos: Click here to watch!

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