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The Academy for the Advancement of Teaching, Leadership and Schools (AATLAS) offers several pathways that are designed to promote the professionalization of teaching and educational leadership to advance the pedagogical skills of both teachers and leaders while focusing on improving student performance. All pathways are competency-based, industry-aligned, and are flexibly delivered to meet the diverse needs of our educational community. The three professional pathways to advancement are MicroEd (stackable graduate credit-bearing interdisciplinary specializations for personal and professional advancement), MicroPD (micro courses predominantly delivered online for non-credit/CTLE hours or credit), and PLSeries, the Professional Learning Fellowship Series, which provides ongoing and year-round support for educators in the areas such as the Early Teaching Academy.



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The School of Education at the University at Albany has a deep purpose and commitment to assist the needs of teachers, leaders, and schools to support student learning.




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This site is made possible by the dedicated team members of the School of Education Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate Students, and Alumni.

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One Year Anniversary of edTrends

Albany, NY (March 30, 2021) – The University at Albany has just marked the one-year anniversary of the creation of the School of Education’s weekly webinar, edTrends.  The webinar series launched last spring as a vehicle to foster a virtual community of educators, leaders, students, families, and the community to come together to learn about and discuss topics related to education and mental health and the COVID-19 pandemic. edTrends now attracts hundreds of viewers from around the world each month to explore critical issues facing all levels of education.

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New MicroED

Foundations of Teaching & Learning is a new professional partnership with Questar III BOCES. Beginning January 2022. The program is available only to Questar III BOCES.