Working Together to Build Remote Support and Resources

     The School of Education at the University at Albany has a deep purpose and commitment to assist the special, urgent needs of teachers, leaders, and schools to support student learning in this current time of emergency.

     The resources throughout RemoteED ( have been compiled by the faculty, administrators and graduate students of the School of Education at the University at Albany (SUNY) to help K-12 teachers and incorporate remote learning tools into their classes and to foster a community of practice.

     For more than 20 years, the School of Education has been a leader in the provision of high quality online instruction, including supporting teachers to the same in the K12 setting. This work has led the School to be consistently ranked by US News & World Report as one of the top 10 graduate schools of education in the country providing online instruction. We want to leverage this expertise to support the work of our colleagues in schools throughout the Capital Region and beyond.

     There will be weekly remote events to get teachers, leaders, and schools connected to share and support one another.

The School of Education at the University at Albany is committed to excellence in Education. To continue this 175-year tradition of excellence, the Academy for the Advancement of Teaching, Leadership, and Schools Advisory Council (AATLAS) was recently formed to provide flexible and industry-aligned coursework as well as state-approved continuing education programming.

The Academy for the Advancement of Teaching, Leadership and Schools (AATLAS) offers several pathways that are designed to promote the professionalization of teaching and educational leadership to advance the pedagogical skills of both teachers and leaders while focusing on improving student performance. All pathways are competency-based, industry-aligned, and are flexibly delivered to meet the diverse needs of our educational community. The three professional pathways to advancement are MicroEd (stackable graduate credit-bearing interdisciplinary specializations for personal and professional advancement), MicroPD (micro courses predominantly delivered online for non-credit/CTLE hours or credit), and PLSeries, the Professional Learning Fellowship Series, which provides ongoing and year-round support for teachers and leaders in the areas such as National Board Certification/Accomplished Teaching.


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