Young Writers Workshops

Young Writers Workshops

July 11-15, 2022 University at Albany Uptown Campus

AGES 6-18

These workshops are designed for young people who LOVE to write & enjoy collaborating with other writers. Workshop facilitators are experienced K-12 educators from the Capital Region who challenge young people to grow as writers in fun & interactive ways & within a supportive community.

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Discovering Your Voice

FULL DAY: 9a-4p Rising 10th-12th graders APPLY NOW

Creative Writing for the College Essay

HALF DAY: 9a-12p Ages 15-18 Register by June 1, 2022

Mixed Myths and Twisted Tales

HALF DAY: 9a-12p Ages 10-14 Register by June 1, 2022

Choose Your Own Adventure

HALF DAY: 9a-12p Ages 6-10 Register by June 1, 2022