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Building Communities:
Weekly Connections with Teachers, Parents, and Schools



edTrends | Back to School BUT Not Back to Normal

4-5 PM 


Event Info

Join the Capital Region Master Teachers to discuss how schools look different this year and what strategies they have implemented to meet student needs. This discussion will focus on how the pandemic has made new approaches and ideas necessary as teachers face unique challenges in the new academic year.

September 22, 2021 @ 4 PM EST Via Zoom (Free!)

Register at:




edTrends | Equitable Grading: Standards-Based with A Growth Mindset  

4-5:30 PM Eastern Time (Last Tuesday of every month)


Please contact Dr. Jerry Rivera-Wilson if you would like to participate via email:

Event Info

Join us on edTrends for a yearlong conversation on “Equitable Grading: Standards-Based with A Growth Mindset.”

Tuesdays, 4-5:30 PM EST

April 27, 2021- April 26, 2021



edTrends | Hyflex Learning and Teaching with Dr. Brian Beatty

4-5 PM 


Event Info

Hyflex teaching (teaching in-person and asynchronously/synchronously online all at the same time) is the wave of the future! More schools and institutions of higher learning are adopting this classroom structure – which allows students to choose their learning experience AND their learning environment. In this session, we will review the definition of hyflex teaching, talk about its use in both K – 12 and college/university learning environments, and focus on how to teach an effective, engaging hyflex course. Resources focused on hyflex teaching will also be shared! Join us to discuss the future of flexible online and onsite classroom structures and the technology needed to create a hyflex classroom.

October 13, 2021 @ 4 PM EST Via Zoom (Free!)

Register in advance:

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