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Building Communities:
Weekly Connections with Teachers, Parents, and Schools



“Consider the Hands”: Carrying Each Other Forward in Writing 

4:30-5:30 PM


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Write, share and connect with the Capital District Writing Project.

The Capital District Writing Project, a local site of the National Writing Project, is a network of educators working to enhance writing, teaching, and learning in the region’s schools.



    ESports Programs in K-12 Schools & Universities

    4-5 PM


    Event Info

    This global billion-dollar industry has changed the nature of what it means to be a professional player. More and more high schools and colleges now offer varsity eSports programs. In this session, the panelists will discuss the competitive world of video gaming. 
    Scott Beiter, New York State Master Teacher
    Michael Leczinsky, Professor of Practice, UAlbany, and PLT Members



    Grading For Equity Rethinking Grades in K-12 Schools 

    4-5 PM


    Event Info

    How do we make our grading equitable, particularly during the pandemic? In this session, Joe Feldman, former teacher, principal, district administrator, and author of Grading for Equity, will discuss how traditional grading practices often undermine effective teaching and learning and perpetuate achievement disparities, and how we can shift grading to be more accurate, bias-resistant, and motivating to support academic success. For more information visit:
    Joe Feldman, B.A. from Stanford University, Master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum from the Harvard School of Education, and a J.D. at NYU Law School. 



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