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Content creation tool, Interactive lessons, Learning games


No content specifically designed for students with special needs


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Elementary, High School, Middle school

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Health, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology

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Gimkit is a game-based program that teachers can use as a fun way to engage with students and mix the way they review content. Use GimkitLive and GimkitInk for quiz reviews, team building, ice breakers, and more! Students love it and teachers can create their own classes and assignments with many customizable options. GimkitLive is a game show that your student will “beg to play” and it doesn’t just have to be used in class. You can also assign it as homework and it will grade the assignments for you automatically! GimkitInk allows students to create posts and share them with not just you, but each other. By publishing work, it creates a place where students can learn from their peers. With Ink, you can bring Desmos Graphs, Google Spreadsheets, Youtube Videos, and more right into your post. When a student publishes a post, they can decide to have their name hidden from other students. Plus, they can take things one step further by keeping their post just between you two. However comfortable a student feels – they decide. 

“When you put it all together — publishing student work, new ways to express and communicate, sharing without sharing who you are, and a place to learn from others — it’s truly something special.”